Biore – Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – REVIEW

It is important to keep your skin well nourished, and hydrated. Drinking plenty of water daily is good, as well as having a balance diet can help with keeping your skin healthy.

Sometimes cleansing is not enough to remove blemishes, and dead skin from your face. You need to have a good skincare routine that involves not only water, and face wash.

It is important to cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Then occasionally use pore strips, and face masks.

post-25-nov-2016-pic-5Biore – Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – I recently made an online order from Priceline (see haul here). I have been using these nose strips for a few years now, and love the results each time. This product retails for $7.29 AUD and comes with six nose strips.

post-26-nov-2016-pic-1Above is a picture of the back of the packaging. It mentions that leaving dirt in your pores can lead to bigger problems. Which is true as it can cause further breakouts, and make the skin feel rough as it builds up. It also mentions how the product works, what it does, and includes pictures on the different steps required to use the nose strips.

post-26-nov-2016-pic-2Above is an individual nose strip packaged. It is basically sealed in foil like packaging that is very easy to rip open. I get so excited ripping this open – for some strange reason. It is a fun step for me beginning the blackhead removal process >^.^<

post-26-nov-2016-pic-3Now above is a picture of a nose strip removed from the packaging. You can see that the shape has been made to ergonomically fit to the shape of the nose. It is placed on a clear piece of plastic. When you peel it off the plastic you will feel the sticky side, the sticky side is to be place on the skin. Before you place the nose strip on the skin, you must wet the skin first.

post-26-nov-2016-pic-4Here you can see the nose strip pressed against my nose. Once in place, it has to be left for 10 to 15 minutes before removing it. This gives the nose strip enough time to dry to be able to grip any blackheads for removal.

When the time is up, you can remove the strip, and will see tiny bits attach of blackheads that have been removed. I find this part very fascinating, and love finding blackheads that have been removed. I did not take a photo of my result as I did not have any blackheads. I only have a couple of tiny ball bits of skin from pimples that came off, nothing special.

It is a good thing not finding much when you go to remove it, though I find it more fun, and get excited when I find a bunch of blackheads. It’s so gross – but I love it!

Overall I love these nose strips. They are really good as they work well every time.Β I should also add that it contains tea tree, which makes it smell amazing. Tea tree is my favourite scent in skincare products.Β I highly recommend this product. I am sure you will have so much fun using them too.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you have used this brand before. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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    Today my partner and I took our dog to the vet. Nothing serious, just for the annual injections required. Our dog is a Toy Poodle and is 7 years old.

    His name is Lamington and he really hates going to the vet. Every time he goes he gets really jumpy and pants alot lol (has his tounge sticking out).

    He really tries to fight getting injections done, so my partner has to hold him well while the vet gives Lamington his injections. Once he is all done, he is back to his normal happy self with a big smile on his face.

    We just got back from the vet not too long ago. I gave Lami (one of Lamington’s nick names) a shower, then I had a green tea. I am going to complete my assignments today, may have to stay up tonight doing them.

    Today I am reblogging a post on my favourite nose strips. They are so much fun to use and work really well. I will use one tonight and a face mask.

    Well I hope your weekend is going great and that you are happy. I shall get back to studying now.

    Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!

    Capili Jiron x x


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