Staying true to yourself – LIFE

In a world where we can view many different forms of media. Can have a huge influence on us, sometimes without even realising.

Each person has a range of different things that they are passionate about. One person may love art, reading, and also rock climbing. Another person may love cosplay, finance, and accounting.

Everyone is unique and can have different interest to one another. But how many people really express what they are truly passionate about, without fearing judgement from others?

Post 27 Nov 2016 Pic 1.pngMany people tend to – on social media post pictures that are popular, ones that will get them a lot of ‘likes’, but may not necessarily reflect who they are as a person. For instance a girl who has two social media accounts. The first one has many followers and is about cosplay, anime, wigs, and pastel like things.

The second account has few followers and is where she does not wear wigs or dress up, only posts pictures of her regular daily life: pictures of green tea, books, and plain outfits. Both accounts look like two completely different people.

She may have two different accounts as she is scared of friends and family finding out what she really loves in life. But why can’t she just be true to herself, and not care what others think, and have only one account that will show her true self.

Then there are people – who will fake an interest. For example a girl who may be into makeup, pretending that she wears makeup everyday, and that it is her life. When she is a creative person, but is actually very passionate about painting and singing, not makeup.

She just thought that putting on a makeup act would get her more followers. People faking an interest really does happen a lot. It is so sad because it is eating away at their true self, and making them feel bad, as they do not truly enjoy posting the pictures that they are sharing.

It is like when you see some people who post videos, in the first few videos they seem passionate about their topic, and then the days go on, and it seems like they are lacking interest in what they are talking about. It is better to just be yourself, and grow a following that is also passionate about what you love to share.

Just be true to yourself – with whatever you share. Ensure that you are into it 100 percent, and do not feel discouraged or feel like you need to take on a persona to fit in. Honestly it is better to stand out and be the unique YOU!

Going with what is popular will only get you so far, until you feel burnt out, and lost with who you are. It is much more fun to have a small following who share the same interest, that you can interact with fully, than a large following that does not inspire you as it is not what you are passionate about.

On a further note – I would like to add if you are passionate about things that are complete opposites, let’s say – such as sailing and makeup, do not be afraid to equally share both passions on your social media. There is always a way to incorporate all the things you love. You may want to share a picture of some makeup that you love to wear when sailing, or since sailing has plenty of beautiful scenery you could make vlogs, or take lovely photo’s.

I have a huge passion for anime, manga, makeup, drawing, painting, writing, positivity and sewing. I can relate them to each other easily. Such as with cosplay – I will dress up as an anime character, creating a makeup look, and sew my costume. I draw manga, makeup themes, and also paint. I love to share each of my passions, and believe doing so allows other like-minded people to become friends with me. It is great, and I feel at my best just being myself.

Thank you, I truly appreciate you reading this post. Let me know in the comments how you stay true to yourself. Keep doing you!


Capili Jiron x x



5 thoughts on “Staying true to yourself – LIFE

    1. Yes 🙂 🙂 That’s good to know. I love makeup and sewing. I’m not that good at knitting. I will get there with practice ❤ ❤

      I think it is best when people share with others what they love to do. Because you never know, you may attract other like-minded people or even spark an interest in someone who didn't realise that they would like something like that x x


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