NYX Cosmetics BB Cream – REVIEW

BB cream is a lovely way to brighten up your face, and cover any blemishes – evening out your skin tone.

It is a wonderful beauty product that is perfect for everyday wear. On regular days I usually put on just BB cream, mascara, and lip gloss.

post-24-nov-2016-pic-1NYX Cosmetics – BB Cream – is available in three shades: Nude (light-medium with a beige undertone), Natural (light-medium with a peach undertone), and Golden (golden-medium with a golden under tone). In the USA it retails for $13 USD (see here), and in Australia you can order it from Priceline like I did for $18.95 AUD (see here).

post-24-nov-2016-pic-2I purchased the NYX Cosmetics – BB Cream in the shade Nude as my skin tone is quite light. It comes in the form of a tube, which is easy to get the product out. It is 30 ml in size. I love the simplicity of the packaging, it basically looks like it is a moisturiser. On the packaging it states that it can be used as a primer (I do not do this), and that it can be used alone to create a beautiful complexion. It also mentions that it brightens, moisturises, is oil free, smoothes, and is mineral enriched.

post-24-nov-2016-pic-3Above is a picture showing my skin with no makeup. As you can see my skin tone is uneven, and there are blemishes. I do have oily to combination skin. So having a BB Cream that is oil free (but will not dry out my skin) is important for me.

post-24-nov-2016-pic-4Above is a picture of me wearing only the NYX Cosmetics – BB Cream is shade Nude. Now it defiantly has brighten up my skin, smoothed it out by evening my skin tone, and has covered my blemishes naturally. What I really love about this BB cream is that it does not feel oily, is moisturising, and makes skin look more radiant. This is my number one favourite BB cream. I even wear it to conventions when I am not cosplaying, and to the Sydney markets.

The natural makeup look, with wearing little makeup is my favourite type of look. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, leave them below. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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