Helpful self-help books – MUST reads

Feeling alone, unsure of your purpose in life, or why good things never happen to you?

We all have our struggles in life. It’s completely normal. Though, it is how you overcome your struggles that will lead you to having better success in your life.

Self-help books are a great way to help inspire, influence, and assist people with turning their lives around. I have always loved reading self-help books, as I love learning new ways of how I can be more positive, and attract more good in my life.

post-7-pic-1Both books: You can heal your life – by Louise L. Hay, and The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne, are my most favourite self-help books.

post-7-pic-2You can heal your life – is a very powerful book. What I love is how Louise shares her own experiences in discovering the law of attraction, and how gratitude played a big role in changing her life. This book really changed my life, implementing the use of affirmations for myself, and learning how I can achieve success in my own life by showing more gratitude. It is such an amazing book, that I highly recommend you share it with friends, and family.


The Secret – This book really embraces the law of attraction. Including quotes, and insight from well known people on their own experiences with the law of attraction. I have found this book to also be helpful in living a better positive life, and being more thankful, even for the little things. I love how it emphasises on that if you ask for something from the universe, and truly believe that it is yours, you will obtain what you have asked for. I have applied this to my life, and still do. It really does work >^.^<

Reading self-help books can really help you grow, and learn of different ways that can help you have a happy life. I truly do believe that those who show gratitude in their daily lives will continue to have great success, in whatever challenges they choose to take on. Books provide knowledge, and knowledge is key to becoming more aware, and learning of new things that you did not even know existed.

Thank you so much for reading. Wishing you great success, and know that you can do whatever it is that you desire. Go for it!


Capili Jiron x x


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