Wish List – SEWING

  I love to sew! It is always a great feeling, being able to design a dress and bring it to life. When it comes to my finances I will spend more on art supplies (paints, paper, brushes...) than on sewing supplies. I draw and paint much more than I sew. I need to try … Continue reading Wish List – SEWING


Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

I always find myself attracted to stories of adventure and fantasy. Books, comics or manga, I love all types. My favourite type to read is manga, I have not really ever read manga graphic novels. When I think about it, the only graphic novel I have read before would be Watchmen by Alan Moore. Maybe … Continue reading Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

How quotes can help you – GOALS

The first few things that you do in the morning really does set the tone for the rest of your day. In the morning, if you are already feeling like you cannot get things done, or just do not feel like completing task. You will more than likely not complete what you had planned to achieve. … Continue reading How quotes can help you – GOALS

Helpful self-help books – MUST reads

Feeling alone, unsure of your purpose in life, or why good things never happen to you? We all have our struggles in life. It's completely normal. Though, it is how you overcome your struggles that will lead you to having better success in your life. Self-help books are a great way to help inspire, influence, and … Continue reading Helpful self-help books – MUST reads

Ways to be happy during a bad day – My TOP 5 list

Your alarm alerts you to get up. You hit the button to turn it off, just to get a couple more minutes of sleep... You then wake up, panicking as you have slept longer than expected, and now your going to be late for work. You get ready quickly, and  decide to brush your hair while in … Continue reading Ways to be happy during a bad day – My TOP 5 list