NUDE palette by BYS – SWATCHES

Eyeshadows are so much fun to play with. I love trying out new palettes.

What I look for when purchasing an eyeshadow palette are: the range of colours it contains, how pigmented they look, and if they contain both matte, and shimmer colours.

post-8-pic-2The way the NUDE eyeshadow palette by BYS cosmetics is packaged, is very appealing, as you are able to see each of the colours clearly.

post-8-pic-1The palette case is a beautiful chocolate colour. It is made with a combination of metal, and plastic. The writing on the front is in a lovely gold metallic colour.

post-8-pic-4Included are two eyeshadow brushes. They are small, and compact for the palette. I preferably will use my own eyeshadow brushes, as I like a brush with a long handle. These small brushes are good for beginners.

post-8-pic-3Here you can see the palette includes a built in mirror. The eyeshadow colours are really pretty. There are three matte, and nine shimmer colours. I love that there are many shimmer colours, as I prefer creating shimmery looks.

post-8-pic-5These are the first six colours. The matte colours: Couture, NYC, and Style are great to use as a base.

post-8-pic-6Here we have the last six colours. All shimmer. I think that my favourites will be: Chic, Collection, and Coco.

I am already in love with this palette. It is very affordable ($20 AUD) for the amount of colours, size, and the quality of the eyeshadows. Very pigmented.

I will do a challenge here on my blog where I will create 10 different makeup looks, in 10 days. It will be fun >^.^<

Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely day.


Capili Jiron x x



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