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We need to relax every now and then. Have days where we do nothing at all. As much as we want to be constantly doing things all of the time, it is not good for our mind. Moments of silence and peace are much needed, especially since we use social media a lot and have many obligations ❤

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Work, study and life in general, each require energy and effort to be present in. When you are working, you are completing tasks with your colleagues, doing the best you can for customers, maintaining your time management and figuring out what else you need to get done after work. With study, it requires a lot of brain power and patience. Having to research, read a lot and complete assignments 🙂

I love studying but of course there are times when I just want to have time to myself and not think. Especially since I am an overthinker lol. My current studies are to do with media and communication. I decided at the end of last year to have 2020 off from studying to focus on work as well as my blog. Since the unfortunate matter of coronavirus I am no longer working, as there is not really any work available. So for now my main focus is on my blog ❤

Post May 6 2020 Pic 11 - Final

It is funny how when we are not working or studying we want to be. We always seem to want the opposite of what we are doing. Since I am not studying at the moment, I miss it so much and cannot wait to get back into my studies in 2021. The other thing that can take a lot of energy and effort is life in general. Quality time needs to be spent with your partner if you have one, family and friends. Relationships are important as we need connection with others.

Unexpected circumstances can arise, that we may have to deal with straight away. They can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Having a weekly planner is helpful to schedule all required tasks, for anything that you need to get completed. From work all the way to birthday parties, you need to note each one of them down. Doing this will allow you to know when you have spare time to relax.

Thank you so much for reading! I can be bad at times and use the free time that I have to do work on other things that I need to get done. I am still figuring out my balance with all that I do and I will get there with time. Please do your best to take care of your health and wellbeing. Ensure that you set time aside to relax and do the things you love in life. We need to have time off from work and study, and have days where we just do nothing. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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