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Do you ever have moments where there is no plan and you just take action? Being spontaneous at times can be fun and lead to great things that you would have never have done before, had you not decided to just go for it in the moment. Sometimes it is fear or logical thinking that can hold us back from taking a chance towards possible success ❤

Depending on a persons values and way of life, can influence whether they take a chance or not. Especially, when it comes to deciding in the moment. Some like to play life safe and others would leap off a cliff if there was a chance for success on the other side. Well, maybe not that crazy but then again, most of those who are spontaneous do crazy things. I know I have haha 😀

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Yes, I believe myself to be optimistic, yet realistic; having what I feel is a good balance. I am a huge risk taker in the sense that if there is something that I want to achieve, I am willing to take big risks to obtain the goal. However, I do analyse the situation to weigh out my options and as long as I am not hurting anyone that I love, I will go for it!

From a young age I would climb the tallest trees despite being told that I would fall if I climbed up there. It was a similar thing when hiking in a forrest or being close to high ledges, I would walk right up the very edge and was quickly told to step back, as it was unsafe. Yes, I understand that was dangerous and I knew that when I was a child, yet I loved the feeling of being up high on a cliff and looking down. I still love heights to this day 🙂

Being spontaneous can make your life more exciting. We all need a bit of an adventure every now and then. When you are in a long-term relationship (I am talking 5+ years), you need to continue to do more and experience new things with your partner. Please ensure that you never become a robot or be complacent with your relationship. Being on auto-pilot each day is dangerous and will slowly over time chip away at both of your hearts. Love each other deeply everyday, no matter how long you have been together. Each year is to be celebrated and something to look forward to.

I love doing things in the moment. Yes, I also enjoy writing to do lists and having a weekly schedule but I still like doing things in the moment. Like being on holiday and picking a random event or getting up in the middle of the night and running over to the beach. Things where you basically drop the current plans to have fun 😀

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Living in the moment is what many of us forget to do at times. It seems the more responsibilities that you have, the more you tend to be less spontaneous. Yes, if you have children it can be difficult to do such things but then again, maybe you can be a little spontaneous. Get someone to mind the children. Then you and your partner could go to the very first place that you met or a restaurant where you first ate together. An arcade can be fun – no one and I mean no one is ever too old to play video games! ❤

You bet, I am going to be that crazy grandmother one day, who still loves wearing colourful wigs, watching anime and playing video games. As long as I keep myself healthy with yoga over the years, my joints will be great and I will be having fun gaming with my grandchildren. If not grandchildren, I will be happy on a farm, with lots of animal friends haha. Nature is the best. I love our lovely planet.

Thank you so much for reading! We all deserve to be happy. Go out, do spontaneous things, as long as you are not hurting anyone, it is fine to have fun. If you have always wanted to go to a movie by yourself, go buy a ticket now. If you have forever wanted to take dancing classes, go and enrol now. Keep doing new things in order to learn and grow into the best version of yourself. Love life. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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