Motivation (Pastel ART Bunny Drawing) – CHAT & TIME-LAPSE 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Pastel art is so much fun! 😊😊

I have carried on with my pastel series of concepts. I will be creating a painting of each of my pastel art drawings. As they are so cute, they will make lovely pieces.

Today on my YouTube channel I released a pastel art bunny drawing video. I love this drawing very much! It is adorable the little rabbit holding a cupcake with a cherry on top ^.^

In the video I also discuss the topic motivation. Motivation is important as without motivation we cannot continue to achieve our goals. To achieve a goal, you have to want it enough.

I keep mentioning it but I really am loving pastels. In the past I did not like them, as I found when drawing with them, that they were messy. Now that I’ve got the hang of them, it is less messy to draw with and I can finally appreciate the beauty of pastels.

Post 22 Nov 2017 Pic 3.png

I will be purchasing some fluro pastels very soon (to continue my current pastel obsession haha). It will be fun to work with bright colours and also give that pastel tone effect.

Please check out the above video. I hope you find this video inspiring and helpful. Subscribe if you are new to my channel. Like and comment your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

Thank you so much for reading and watching ^.^ Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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4 thoughts on “Motivation (Pastel ART Bunny Drawing) – CHAT & TIME-LAPSE 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

  1. As always a lovely video indeed 😊 And you are quite right that bunny is really adorable. I totally agree with you: without motivation i don’t even think we can function. It can be applied to pretty much everything: work, but also for hobbies. Great post! 😀

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