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The earth is full of beautiful life, not just people, but also nature.

Water, trees, plants, animals, birds, sea creatures, and so on, are each breathtaking to witness. When we take time to step outside and go for a walk, we automatically feel so much better, as we inhale the fresh air, and get our bodies moving.

Nature gives so much, and does not expect anything in return. Trees keep the air fresh and healthy for us. Animals can remind us that there is more to life than going to work, watching tv, and basically living in a regular daily life cycle bubble.

post-28-nov-2016-pic-2Feel alive – When you take off your shoes and step onto grass it feels so good. There is something calming about being surrounded by greenery. Especially when you lay out on the grass and watch the clouds go by. Those moments are when you feel alive, and are able to think more about what is important in life.

I find when I am lying on the grass I am at peace in the world. The sun radiates and brings positive vibes to me. Since I feel relaxed I am able to in the moment meditate, and find answers to any challenges that I may be facing. It is important for me to be outside with nature everyday, even if it is for 30 minutes in my backyard.

post-28-nov-2016-pic-3Discover something new – When you go out and get close to nature, you will more than likely discover something new. Whether it be about yourself, or in nature. For example you may discover that you can walk further than you thought, can climb trees higher than or thought, or you may witness in front of you an animal that you have never seen before in person.

Discovering is an important part of one’s journey in life. It is how we grow, and change our views on how we see things. This is beneficial for the body, as you are exercising when you walk, and it is good for the mind as you are taking in new information while experiencing new places. Travelling overseas can especially get you even closer to nature, as when you are travelling, you are likely to go out of your way to experience different places of nature. You will want to see animals, and scenery that is not in your home country.

post-28-nov-2016-pic-4Makes you feel happier – Going for a hike, and being surrounded by trees is such a great feeling. You will naturally feel less stress as the nature will clear your mind of any chaos that you have been going through at work, or in life in general.

Lets do a little exercise – Now this may be tricky, but let’s try it. First imagine your local city/town centre, how busy it is with all the people, traffic, and noise. So much noise. You are walking around, as you are heading to your favourite shopping mall. People are everywhere, you have to stop at each crossing, and wait for the light to go green to be able to cross each road. Ok, you get the picture, city life is busy, people basically want to get from point A to point B. They want to complete their daily to do list, with no time for anything else.

Now let’s think of another scenario – Imagine you have driven out to your local national park, where there are no buildings, and there are so many trees that you do not know where it ends. You get out of the car, and start to follow the bush walk path. You hear noise, though you would not call it noise, as it is the sound of beautiful birds, and the sound of a breeze going through the trees. You feel so relaxed, as it is very peaceful, and you can breathe in the wonderful fresh air.

Can you see the difference? This is why it is important that you make time to go out and enjoy nature. It is vital for the mind and body. There is nothing like it, and nothing that is better than it.

post-28-nov-2016-pic-1Get inspired – When you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, you cannot resist getting inspired. Nature can help the mind get creative. It can inspire you with ideas for painting, drawing, writing, and so on. The most amazing ideas will come to you when you are able to relax your mind, and see the world in a positive light.

Just seeing a mother rabbit with her babies will make you feel so happy, and appreciate life more. Seeing different types of birds and how the live day-to-day in the wildlife is wonderful to witness. When it comes to scenery, a waterfall is calming to look at, and it is peaceful to listen to the sound of the water falling.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Thank you so much for reading. Please ensure that you get your daily dose of nature, even if it is going outside to appreciate the birds, and the trees in your backyard. Have a refreshing day!


Capili Jiron x x


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