I hope your weekend is going well 🙂 🙂 Mine has consisted of study, exercise, and catching up with family on the phone ❤ ❤

This week went super fast. I have been putting so much time into my study work for my course. Work has been great, I have created some beautiful and mysterious artwork that I am super proud of 😀 😀

I do not ever include the amount of time that I create art or work in these posts. I may do so in the future if you are interested in that area of my life.

It is crazy to think that it has already been eight weeks into 2017, before you know it, it will be Easter, Christmas, then 2018!

* If you would like to read previous diary entries, just click here. *

Post 26 February 2017 Pic 1.png

* Week 8 * – 19th to 25th February 2017

1. Time allocated to tasks (total time spent on each task)

  • Blog – 5 hours
  • Research events – 3 hours
  • Exercise – 7 hours
  • Write stories – 2 hours

2. Completed list

  • Blog – I reblogged pretty much all week due to time needed for my studies instead, it basically begin a journal week, as with each post I reblogged I wrote a little update.
  • Research events – I researched flights accommodation and things to do in Thailand, as my partner is planning a trip with some friends for their birthdays (two friends are having birthdays). This trip is so important, I have to organise a fun trip for them all. Planning holidays is something I am great at (something I am also proud about).
  • Exercise – Yoga for 30 minutes, and a 30 minute workout video from on YouTube as every week.
  • Write stories – I was able to expand further on my existing stories. The stories are becoming quite dark. I love the mystery.

3. Challenges

  • Plan videos – Same as the week before. I did not get a chance to film as I have been studying a lot (and I mean a lot! I want great grades, seriously).
  • Studies – I am three weeks into my study, and it has been insane. I am enjoying it though, and learning a lot.
  • Lack of sleep – Again, I have still not been sleeping much this week (sleeping late, getting up super early), since I have had a so much to do.

4. Favourite task

  • Artwork – It is my job and one of my biggest passions. As I mentioned I am super proud of the artwork I have been working on this week. I cannot wait to complete my latest series, and share photo’s with you!

5. Highlights

  • Study – I am so happy to be finally starting to get use to my studies, which means I should hopefully be able to create new content on my blog next week, and get back to normal with interacting.
  • Painting – I am very happy with the theme I have for my latest series. Its fun, dark, and beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you are also working on the things you love, and that you are taking the steps you need to achieve your goals.

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x

4 thoughts on “Week 8 – WEEKLY DIARY

  1. Your really good at advice, and I have some stuff to ask, some people keep messaging me asking me to reveal my identity people have also started writing fanfiction about me and either aj Mitchell or Ivan Martinez I don’t mind I actually find them very attractive and it’s on twitter people are also asking me to create a YouTube and I don’t know if I should being I feel that when people see what I look like nobody will read my posts or anything what do you think I should do? X I’ve only had my blog since Christmas should I wait another year or should I show people what I look like but what if the people from my school find out being I write quiet personal things for me and I used to be bullied and I don’t want it to happen again what do you think I should do….?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you very much 🙂 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, I have been short with time (due to work, study…). I hope my thoughts are not too late, but I think you should keep your identity private until you feel fully comfortable sharing photos and videos of yourself. You should mainly do things for you, that make you feel happy, do not feel pressured by anyone else ❤ ❤ You can always start a YouTube channel without showing yourself, there are plenty who do videos on unboxings, facts, products, drawing, and they do not show themselves or their faces. They just do voice overs on the video or put subtitles. Of course if you make a YouTube channel, make sure it is what you want to do, and something that you are passionate about. There is enough room in this world for each of us to be our unique selves and be successful at it. Always stay true to yourself and let no one ever push you around. Remember you are amazing and that you can do anything that you want to do, just always believe in yourself. I hope this helps x x

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