Natio – Renew radiance eye cream & Sensitive skin aloe vera toning lotion – REVIEW

I have always used a cleanser to clean my face each day, followed by a good moisturiser. I never used an eye cream before, and rarely ever used a face toner.

When I purchased some skincare products from Natio (Australian owned company who make good cosmetic and skincare products), I decided to not only buy a cleanser and face moisturiser, but also try an eye cream and face toner (see skincare haul here to see other skincare products I bought).

post-18-nov-2016-pic-4Here are my thoughts:

Natio – Renew Radiance Eye Cream – I have been using this eye cream only at night before I go to sleep. Each morning when I wake up, I look into the mirror, and can see that it has reduced puffiness under my eyes. When I put the eye cream on at night, I use a small (drop size) amount and dab it gently under my eyes. It smells wonderful when applied.

The eye cream gets absorbed quickly by the skin and makes the skin under my eyes feel hydrated. In doing so it brightens my skin and evens out the skin tone. I am very happy that I got this product. It works very well on my skin. This product retails for $17.95 AUD. The size is 20g. I will continue to use this eye cream and will purchase it again.

Natio – Sensitive Skin Aloe Vera Toning Lotion – I never really used face toner before, as when I previously did it dried out my skin. I must have been using a brand that just was not good back then. The Natio face toner is really great and does not dry out my skin. I apply a small amount morning and night before I put on moisturiser.

It is soothing to apply as it contains aloe vera. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is calming. I have noticed since using this face toner that my face is less oily. Which is great for me as I get oily skin. It removes makeup well and is suitable for all skin types. I will continue to purchase this face toner as it has evened out my skin tone, and it helps control shine, by reducing oils. This product retails for $12.95 AUD. The size is 100ml.

I love Natio products so much! I still need to try out the face masks I bought from them. I am using up other face masks first. I will review the Natio face masks once I have tried them.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


One thought on “Natio – Renew radiance eye cream & Sensitive skin aloe vera toning lotion – REVIEW

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