5 ways to help you keep focused on doing what you love – GOALS

Work, study, goals, friends, and family – there are so many things that we need to make time for.

Some times having so many tasks to complete each day can get overwhelming, taking up a lot of time that you have no time left to spend on the things that you love.

What you love may be a hobby such as painting or sports. You may be working or studying full-time, and want to set time aside for what you are passionate about, because it is what you want to do with your life.

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Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them. To ensure that you can do more of what you love.

Here are five helpful tips:

  1. Get inspired looking at others work – This tip is great, as long as it is in small doses. You can look at pictures on instagram that other people have shared, and get inspired from them. For example: you may feel like drawing, but don’t really feel motivated to do it. In doing so you can look at drawings that other people have drawn, and get inspired by their beautiful drawings which will make you want to create your own. I love seeing what other people create and do, as it inspires me to create/do something of my own.
  2. Create a schedule – Grab a notebook: rule it up into sections, with dates and times; or buy a planner that you can use weekly. What I find that works best for me is to first block out times that I know I will be busy, such as work or going to a birthday party. For example: If you work 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, block out those times in your planner, colour out the area with a marker. Doing so you can fit in times for writing, blogging, artwork – things that you love to do.
  3. Make use of breaks – Even if you are at work you can still make time to do the things you love during breaks. You could go to a nearby gym to workout during lunch or even go for a walk and appreciate the scenery, and birds. It is always good for your health to get out of the working environment during breaks, and get some fresh air. If you complete tasks at work fast, and have time, you may be able to allocate time to the things you want to do – you could draw or write a blog post if you are not busy at work. Use your time wisely.
  4. Dedicate an entire day each month – Schedule one day of each month where you only do what you love on that day. You will be surprised with how much you can grow and develop skills in what you love by focusing on that one thing for a whole day. If we can dedicate basically a whole day working, I am sure we can dedicate one day of each month to focusing on our passion.
  5. Just do it – Even if it is just one minute of doing what you love each day, that time will add up over the whole year. You will learn more about yourself, and will grow so much. It is always better to do something, than keep putting it off, and do nothing. Life is short so we really need to think of what is important for us, and make time for each of those things equally. Do not let work be an excuse for taking up a lot of your time. We each have the same 24 hours in a day, the difference is how each one of us uses them. How you use and appreciate each of the 24 hours a day is up to you.


I hope you found these tips helpful. Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day and make time for what you love.


Capili Jiron x x


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