The power of a shopping list – FOOD

We all have to eat every single day, and since we have to eat each day we must plan our meals for the week. I like to plan my meals for the week before I write a shopping list. Doing this will ensure that I do not miss an item, and will not have to return to the grocery … Continue reading The power of a shopping list – FOOD


Plans for 2017 – WEEKLY DIARY

2017 is finally here! I want this year to be great, for personal growth, development, and to take on wonderful opportunities. I have set some 2017 resolutions (click here to read them), that are to push me out of my comfort zone. Allowing me to go further than I would expect of myself naturally. To … Continue reading Plans for 2017 – WEEKLY DIARY

Ways to be happy during a bad day – My TOP 5 list

Your alarm alerts you to get up. You hit the button to turn it off, just to get a couple more minutes of sleep... You then wake up, panicking as you have slept longer than expected, and now your going to be late for work. You get ready quickly, and  decide to brush your hair while in … Continue reading Ways to be happy during a bad day – My TOP 5 list