What’s in My Travel Bag COLLAB – with DONI W 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Yay this is my first ever collab on my YouTube channel! 😊😊 I am so happy to be collaborating with Doni W, who I am sure some of you already follow her blog (see here). She also has a YouTube Channel (check it out here). https://youtu.be/8QjAfyuhlqw We both decided to do a 'What's in my travel bag?' … Continue reading What’s in My Travel Bag COLLAB – with DONI W 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron


Typo HAUL (2018 Planner, Stationery, Beauty & MORE) 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Goal setting is one of my favourite topics to discuss 😊 😊 I recently purchased a new planner for 2018 and some other wonderful things from Typo (a fun store in Australia for stationery, novelty items and other random fun things). So yes another haul is up on my YouTube channel. I always love sharing new things … Continue reading Typo HAUL (2018 Planner, Stationery, Beauty & MORE) 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

October Favourites 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

It always brings me so much joy sharing my monthly favourites with you 😊😊 I basically share whatever it is that I have been loving for the previous month. Today I uploaded my October favourites on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/02q7meWNIWs I like to share different things from a range of areas: beauty, anime, gaming etc. It changes … Continue reading October Favourites 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Week 17 – Weekly diary 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Yes another week completed 😊😊 I am so excited to be going on holiday next week. I will be away at sea for two weeks on a cruise. I can't wait to just relax and basically not do anything haha (you know what I mean). I think it is really important to take holidays, not only … Continue reading Week 17 – Weekly diary 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

The Entertainer Blogger Award 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Yay 😊😊 I am very happy and thankful to be nominated for The Entertainer Blogger Award! I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to Cassie (author of the blog Cassiiegirl). She is a wonderful blogger who writes interesting posts on experiences and shares stories. Please make sure you check out her blog and … Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Week 16 – Weekly diary 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Yay another week done 😊😊 Haha I am basically just counting down the days to go on a cruise to the South Pacific. I cannot wait, I really enjoy cruises so much! This week I spent a lot of time on my YouTube channel and writing stories (if you didn't know I love to write stories and want … Continue reading Week 16 – Weekly diary 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

July Monthly Favourites 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Hi friends 😊😊 Today I uploaded my July Monthly Favourites video on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcxXZcDe7qo I haven't done a monthly favourites post on my blog in a really long time, so I thought it would be nice to get back into it and make a video instead of a post. Please check out the video, … Continue reading July Monthly Favourites 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Wish List – SEWING

  I love to sew! It is always a great feeling, being able to design a dress and bring it to life. When it comes to my finances I will spend more on art supplies (paints, paper, brushes...) than on sewing supplies. I draw and paint much more than I sew. I need to try … Continue reading Wish List – SEWING

Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

I always find myself attracted to stories of adventure and fantasy. Books, comics or manga, I love all types. My favourite type to read is manga, I have not really ever read manga graphic novels. When I think about it, the only graphic novel I have read before would be Watchmen by Alan Moore. Maybe … Continue reading Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

Sewing books – TOP 5

Hello my friends 😀 😀

I hope your day is going well. It is another nice day in Sydney. Not too hot, and not too cold.

I am spending so much time on my studies at the moment (more time than I want too haha). But I have to study alot to get good grades.

I am reblogging this post on some of my favourite sewing books. You may have not read this post before, so I hope you enjoy it.

I work and study full-time so its getting a bit tricker to keep up with my blog (but do not worry I am not going anywhere). I will get use to it, hopefully in a week or so.

I was just going to work full-time and study part-time, but decided to do both at full-time as I want to complete my degree faster.

I also spend alot of time on my artwork (my true offline love haha). I am wanting to make my artwork and writing become my full-time job instead of part-time.

Also if you are a full-time artist let me know if you have any tips to go full-time at it. I have to keep working full-time to fund my dreams for now.

Thank you for reading, maybe comment below your dream job ❤ ❤

I will respond to more comments soon. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x

Artist by Beauty

It is such great feeling bringing an idea to life.

I love designing clothes. The whole creative process is fun to go through with, from thinking of the idea and putting it on paper, to developing, pattern drafting, and sewing a toile (which is a completed garment made with cheap material – e.g. calico, before sewing final garment). The end result is amazing.

It is so much fun to pick out fabrics, buttons, and any trims to add. I am use to my own measurements, though I still like to refer to books as guides when required.

post-15-pic-1Sewing is fun whether you want to do it as a hobby, make costumes for cosplay, design your own clothes, or even design clothes and items for your own store. Even if you have advance skills in sewing, it is always good to learn new skills, or learn different ways of doing something. Do…

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