Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

I always find myself attracted to stories of adventure and fantasy. Books, comics or manga, I love all types. My favourite type to read is manga, I have not really ever read manga graphic novels. When I think about it, the only graphic novel I have read before would be Watchmen by Alan Moore. Maybe [...]

Currently reading – Sword Art Online: Progressive & One Punch Man – MANGA

Books are so good for the soul! I love to read. I find reading to be relaxing, and way to open up my mind to new ideas. To me knowledge is key to continuous learning. My favourite types of books to read are: adventure, fantasy, self-help, comic, and manga. I have a huge passion for [...]

Inspiration from the Art of Miyazaki – ART

What makes art magical? For me, art is magical when it tells a story. It can be heartwarming, fantasy-like, breathtaking, sad, or even show emotions of frustration. When art tells a story, it draws you in, intriguing you to search for an understanding of what is happening. Hayao Miyazaki is an amazing Japanese film director, [...]

Sailor Moon and Sacred – MANGA re-reads

Who doesn't love stories of mystery and magic? I know thatΒ I cannot resist a good read, especially when it comes to fantasy. I usually read a mangaΒ or comicΒ just before bed, while having a green tea >^.^< If your not sure what manga is, its basically a Japanese style comic. Both 'Sailor Moon' and 'Sacred'Β are favourites [...]