Currently reading – Sword Art Online: Progressive & One Punch Man – MANGA

Books are so good for the soul! I love to read. I find reading to be relaxing, and way to open up my mind to new ideas. To me knowledge is key to continuous learning. My favourite types of books to read are: adventure, fantasy, self-help, comic, and manga. I have a huge passion for [...]

Funko POP – Belle – DISNEY

Funko Pop make a great range of character figurines. You can find the figurine characters from anime, cartoons, movies, and so on. I love having my Funko Pop figurines with my manga or on my desk when I draw, and create art. The detailing of them is beautiful and they are just so cute >^.^< The box it [...]

Return to Wonderland and Supergirl – COMIC current reads

Who is your all time favourite superhero? If I was to answer that question when I was a kid, my response would have probably been either Superman or Batman. To be perfectly honest I wasn't really into comics when I was younger, as I preferred to read manga, and watch anime. The only superhero related content that I would watch [...]

Sailor Moon and Sacred – MANGA re-reads

Who doesn't love stories of mystery and magic? I know that I cannot resist a good read, especially when it comes to fantasy. I usually read a manga or comic just before bed, while having a green tea >^.^< If your not sure what manga is, its basically a Japanese style comic. Both 'Sailor Moon' and 'Sacred' are favourites [...]