Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

I always find myself attracted to stories of adventure and fantasy. Books, comics or manga, I love all types. My favourite type to read is manga, I have not really ever read manga graphic novels. When I think about it, the only graphic novel I have read before would be Watchmen by Alan Moore. Maybe … Continue reading Log Horizon and The Boy & the Beast – NOVELS

Funko POP – Belle – DISNEY

I hope your day is going great 🙂 🙂

The weather has changed back to hot today in Sydney, 35 degrees (°C). Just been working again (as we all do haha), and studying (as you probably guessed).

Seems this week my blog has become a mini daily journal. It’s kind of nice just to write my thoughts on the spot. I have the air con on at them moment. Yay for keeping me cool.

I wanted to reblog this post on my Belle Funko POP. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie, I really cannot wait to watch the live action movie with Emma Watson in it, when it is released here in Australia, 23 March 2017.

The trailer looks so beautiful. I am really excited about it. Belle is a smart, independant, loves books, and such a confident person. I love her for that.

Yay I managed to catch up on most of my blog comments today, will get to the rest tomorrow, and will catch up on reading blogs I follow this weekend.

Ok, well with the rest of my day I am going to study, draw, add more to my stories, and finish off the day with a good book.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x

Artist by Beauty

Funko Pop make a great range of character figurines. You can find the figurine characters from anime, cartoons, movies, and so on.

I love having my Funko Pop figurines with my manga or on my desk when I draw, and create art. The detailing of them is beautiful and they are just so cute >^.^<

post-30-december-2016-pic-1The box it comes in is lovely. It is decorated with cute pictures of Belle from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie. The box is partly plastic around the front and one side of the box, which allows you to view inside from the front, and also view a profile angle of Belle from the side.

post-30-december-2016-pic-2Front – The detailing is wonderful. I love the drapes and layering detail of the dress. Her arm length gloves are really cute. The position that she has been put in to pose is adorable. The contrast of the colours is well-balanced.

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Return to Wonderland and Supergirl – COMIC current reads

Who is your all time favourite superhero? If I was to answer that question when I was a kid, my response would have probably been either Superman or Batman. To be perfectly honest I wasn't really into comics when I was younger, as I preferred to read manga, and watch anime. The only superhero related content that I would watch … Continue reading Return to Wonderland and Supergirl – COMIC current reads