Yellow-eyed Penguin and Flowers – Drawing Daily Challenge – Day #185 Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

Happiness and inner peace is what many seek throughout their lives. Believing that at some point in time they will be happy. Yet, happiness is not a place that you reach once you have achieved your dreams and the same goes for inner peace ❤

It may sounds simple but to be happy is a choice. Some can believe that it is not a decision as they feel that material things or particular circumstances make them happy. The truth is that nothing that is material, a person or of a place can alone make you happy, as when such situations are presented to you, you choose to be happy with them or not.

Imagine for a moment that it is your birthday and you are feeling happy due to your loved ones being there to celebrate. You mentioned to your parents that you wanted a particular book as they asked you beforehand. However, they got you a different one that you did not want to read at all. You can either be happy as you may enjoy it or be annoyed that they did not listen to you. The choice is yours alone ❤

Since happiness is something that we feel, it originates from a single thought. Our thoughts are so power that they guide our actions which lead to feelings. When you get to work you can either think that you are lucky to have a job and that today is going to be wonderful or be annoyed and think work is a boring place. If you see your day as being great, it will lead to lovely opportunities and you will feel happy.

Whereas if you dread getting out of bed and believe that it will be boring at work, it will be and negative things will appear during the day. Like attracts like, so it is best that we take control of our thoughts and choose to be happy. You do not have to wait to be happy. Every person on our lovely planet is meant to be happy and of love. Think of those who have less than you, yet are happy and smiling 🙂

Decide right now that you are going to be happy as you deserve happiness. Smile and look in the mirror. Say, “I love you”, to yourself and see that you are enough as you are. You are of love, can be loved and give love. Be happy and smile wherever you go. Making yourself smile and laugh can help you feel happy as well. It is surprising especially when you are feeling down, as they say it is best to turn a frown upside down.

Keep you mind positive and your actions will be positive which will lead to you being happy. Of course, there are difficult situations that happen in our life. During such circumstances you may get angry, sad or frustrated. Choose to feel your emotions, accept what has happened and move forward with your day. Do not fall into despair as that will do you no good. You are stronger than you think and can be happy 😀 

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a yellow-eyed penguin and flowers coloured pencil drawing. Yellow-eyed penguins are adorable. Harakeke flowers are stunning. We are now up to day 185 of my #drawingdailychallenge. Take a moment within your day to smile and be still. Breathe and be thankful for all that you have ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Choose to be happy and live in the present moment. Love yourself and life. Do good and see the good in others. Great things are coming for you. Have a wonderful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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