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One single thought has the power to encourage an action. That action can be positive or negative depending on the thought. Thoughts come from an individual and can only be controlled by that person. No one can control another persons mind as we all make our own decisions ❀

Even if a person says that their parents or partner decide for them, they still choose to agree with their decisions. No one decides for you. Just like if you say to a friend that they should be studying and they agree. It is their decision in the end whether to study or not. They could agree with your suggestion in the moment and then change their mind by watching a movie instead πŸ™‚

Our minds are free to do as they please. We choose what we do. If your partner wants you to mow the lawn and you rather clean the bathroom. You will either decide to clean the bathroom because you want to or mow the lawn as you want to help your partner. The choice is yours alone as they cannot make you do anything and you cannot force them to do things as well.

It is helpful to keep your mind positive and have good intentions with all that you do. Practice daily meditation and affirmations to manage a positive mindset. Choose to help and be kind to others. Yes, you are in control of your decisions and do what is best for you but you need to have consideration for your loved ones too. Help them out, not only when they need it but also offer a helping hand even if they have not asked πŸ˜€

Take control of your thoughts by not judging other people. Whether you already know them or not. Your thoughts about others do not define them, it only defines you as a person who has to have an opinion of others. Instead choose to be kind and spread love. Say something nice. It feels wonderful to give people compliments and help them. Find joy in bringing out the smile and kindness within others ❀

Thank you so much for reading! Whenever you have a negative thought, shift it to a positive one. You can choose to give into negativity or have positive thoughts that bring happiness. Being happy is a choice. Your positive thoughts will lead to positive actions which will make you happy. Smile, love yourself and life. Have a cheerful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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