Blissful Blue Waterhole Art – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

To go after what you want in life is up to you. Only you can decide if you work on your dreams or not. Even if there is great support and many people encouraging you to go for your dreams, you will not automatically obtain them ❤

You need to believe in yourself and be willing to put in the hard work. It is not so much that the work can be difficult, it is that the process is long which can be hard to stick to. Usually when someone has a dream, they can become instantly excited and feel that they will get there. Then they start working on their ideas and find themselves feeling unmotivated to keep moving forward.

It is heartbreaking to think about all of the unfulfilled dreams on our lovely planet. Every person has greatness within them. No one is better than anyone else, we are all equal and can achieve wonderful things. There is creativity within each of us. Yes, encouragement is helpful from others but more importantly it needs to come from ourselves 😀

Choose to be your number one supporter to begin with. Any person who has found success with their dreams started with an idea. They then took their idea and worked on it as much as they could and chose to never give up on their dreams. There were plenty of times where things went wrong and they fell over. Yet, they kept picking themselves back up and focusing on their journey in the present moment.

Your dream itself can only motivate you so much. You need to keep your mind positive and live in the present moment. The journey is the most important part of achieving your dreams, as once you reach your goals you will then move on to new ones. The journey can be long, so finding joy each day is needed. Happiness is not a particular point in time, it is a choice. Smile and be happy every day 🙂

Appreciate your hard work. Whether you work on your dreams every day or once a week, make sure that you reward yourself for your efforts. Buy yourself your favourite food, watch a movie or get yourself a gift. Working hard first and then rewarding yourself will keep you motivated as you can feel that you earned your rewards. Going on holiday at least once a year can be beneficial for your wellbeing and can teach you.

It is a bit difficult to travel at the moment since our world is going through a lot but depending on where you live, you can go with your partner, family or friends to a place that you have not been before. It is nice to travel within you country and see that there is still much to learn. Traveling opens our mind and heart to experiencing new things. Know that only you can limit yourself. Choose to reach beyond the stars ❤

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a blissful blue waterhole art acrylic painting. Waterholes are magical places. It is lovely to see beautiful parts of nature that are a peaceful sanctuary. I love hearing the sound of water coming down a waterfall. It is wonderful to relax and meditate to ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! You have the power to change your life. If you are not happy where you currently are with your journey, know that you can change it and that things will get better. Keep your mind peaceful and positive. Have a happy day!

Capili Jiron x x


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