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Change is constantly happening. Every person is changing, even if they do not believe they are. You are not the same person as who you were last year. Time keeps moving forward and so do we ā¤

Some can find change scary. They would rather stay in the same daily routine of waking up, getting ready, then heading to study or work as it is easy to know that you are doing the same thing every day. Once home, exhaustion kicks in so they relax by watching TV and then rush to bed as time has gone by so quickly. This routine repeats during the week days with some complaining here and there.

People like this are not happy with their life. They see each day as the same, yet do nothing about it. Sure, their routine is convenient but constantly repeating the same patterns stops them from growing. Doing nothing new stops growth. In the long term if they continue this way, their health and wellbeing will worsen and their dreams will become less desirable ā¤

It is sad when people fall into a pattern of complacency. Being comfortable with what they are doing and going about their daily routine in autopilot mode. It is a way of giving up on their dreams and ability to grow. If you recognise this within yourself, please choose to see that you are better than this and deserve to live your best life. Greatness is within you šŸ™‚

Complacency is dangerous and best avoided by trying something new each day. Reviewing your progress monthly can help as well. This applies to any area of your life. Work, study, health, finances and your relationships each need equal attention and the opportunity to grow. Develop better spending habits, be more loving to your partner and loved ones, exercise to keep yourself in good shape and challenge your mind with puzzles šŸ˜€

Thank you so much for reading! Choose to change your life for the better by aiming to become the best version of yourself. Do not ever give up on your dreams. Keep learning and growing as you deserve to live your best life. You are amazing and can overcome any challenges. You can achieve your dreams. Have a beautiful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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