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Love is needed by all. Not one person can go through life without love. We need love from our partner, family and friends. It is a beautiful thing that is shown through acts of kindness. Love makes us feel safe and happy ❀

There is a sense of security with love. It makes us feel comforted and needed at the same time. We love people in different ways, being intimate with our partner, close in conversation with our family and laughing with our friends. Different words, gestures and other actions can be used to express our love. It is wonderful to be love, give love and receive love πŸ™‚

Choose to love always. Although, where there is love – hate and disappointment can be present. Do your best to see yourself as love. People make mistakes and poor decisions throughout their life. It is how we all learn. We cannot tell what hot water is at first until we touch it ourselves. No matter what advice you give to someone you care about. It will never be equivalent to experiencing the action themselves.

All you can do is choose to have unconditional love for your loved ones. Forgive them when they do wrong. Saying that you told them a certain situation would happen, since they chose not to listen is pointless. What is done is done. You cannot change the past. You can only choose to kindly let them know your thoughts, show love to them and move forward πŸ˜€

I am sure you have made some mistakes and poor decisions that you are not proud of. Ones that make you shake your head as you wonder why you did such things. Every day is filled with a chance to do something new. For the most part we have good intentions and although we do, there are times where we make a poor choice.

Thank you so much for reading! When others or yourself do something wrong. Do your best not to judge. Instead, find the lessons to learn from and choose to move forward with love. Do not repeat such actions. Decide that you are a better person now and will put love out into the universe. Smile and choose to love always. Have a lovely day!

Capili Jiron x x


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