Chibi with Cat Ears UwU – Drawing Daily Challenge – Day #168 Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

To love and be loved is something that every person needs. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with our loved ones and make new friendships with those who we come into contact with. Spreading kindness and love makes all happy ❤

Connection is needed. As human beings we seek to connect. It is natural for us to want to be seen, heard and loved. If we are lacking connection in our lives we can feel ignored. Our very existence is verified when we have others in our life. If there was no one in your life, how would you know that you yourself are real? Communities thrive on communication 🙂

Where we live is a community. We have neighbours, see people when we walk down the street and feel safe as it is our place to call home. Although our lovely planet is our home and big family, the place where we live is where we are most comfortable. It is where we can be ourselves, are free of judgement and can relax. Our own peaceful sanctuary.

Yes, communication and connection are important when building relationships but what about the relationship that we have with ourselves? Learning more about ourselves and understanding our needs is helpful to become the best version of ourselves. Spend time alone and connect with yourself. Doing so will allow you get in touch with your dreams 😀

Your dreams are yours and give you a purpose in life. We all have dreams to achieve what we love in life. Ensure that you set time aside each day to achieve your dreams. Love who you are and all that you do. It is not easy to achieve your dreams and many do give up too soon but if you keep going and overcome the challenges, it will all be worth it in the end.

Appreciate each of your loved ones in your life. Your partner, family, pets and friends are precious to you. Unconditional love is what we have for our loved ones, that even when they make mistakes we still love and support them. Love is what you feel when you truly care about another being because of the time spent together and all of the trust you have built. Love is a beautiful thing ❤

If you believe you have no one in your life that you love, you can always start to form relationships. Whether where you live or online. There are many wonderful ways to connect with people of similar interests on the internet. Of course, be wary with who you communicate with. There are forums with welcoming communities that are dedicated to particular interests. It is wonderful.

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a chibi with cat ears uwu coloured pencil drawing. This chibi is adorable with her cat ears and uwu smile. I love my little chibi characters so much. We are now up to day 168 of my #drawingdailychallenge. Keep your heart kind and choose to connect with others. It is beautiful to have joyful connections ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Keep your mind positive and your relationships strong. Love yourself and life. Do what you can to connect with others. Live your life with peace and joy. Have a nice day!

Capili Jiron x x


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