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Life is filled with love and joyous moments. Beautiful experiences with our partner, family and friends are what matters the most. However, most of us tend to be caught up in our own lives or with our goals ❤

How often do you spend time with those who you love the most? Whether it is once a week, month or year that is fine as we are all different. As long as you are regularly communicating with loved ones and letting them know that you love them, it is great. Having a partner is different though. You need to be communicating every day. True love is so precious 🙂

Even if you do not have a partner you need to be giving yourself love and spending time with your loved ones. Having a gaming night, watching movies together or going out for dinner are each fun experiences. Beautiful memories that we can carry through life are what matters the most. Yes, goals in life are great but if they are career or material focused and get in the way of your personal life, it is not good to spend majority of your life on them.

You need to find a balance where you can complete your goals regularly and spend plenty of time with your loved ones. You could work on your goals through the week, then every week night and on the weekend can be time dedicated to creating fun experiences with your partner or loved ones. You each may love to play chess, go out for dinner or binge watch a TV show. It is good to enjoy time together 😀

To ensure that you are able to be consistent with this balance, it can be helpful to have a schedule that you stick to weekly. Do not put your goals above your loved ones and vice versa. There needs to be a balance that you are comfortable with. You have your own journey in life but you also have a journey that is with your partner and loved ones. Appreciate each day that you wake up, as every moment is a gift ❤

Thank you so much for reading! Keep going for your dreams and keep your relationships strong. You have the ability to achieve your goals and make time for your loved ones. Moments that matter in life are with those who you care about and achieving your dreams. Material things are what matter the least. Create beautiful memories. Have a nice day!

Capili Jiron x x


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