Blissful Sunny Day Grass Art – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

Happiness is what makes life pleasant. No days are the same. Some contain joyful experiences and others can be tough on our heart. How we handle a situation is based on our mindset and perspective of life ❤

If someone is unkind to you, do you act the same way back to them? It is best to react with kindness otherwise you will just add to the pain. Most of the time when a person is being unkind it is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Each person can only give what they have. If a person is not kind to themselves, they will find it difficult to be kind to others as they do not know how to.

Whereas if a person loves themselves, they will easily spread love to others as they know how to. No one can give something that they do not have but the great thing is we can learn to love and be kind. If you do not love yourself, you can start by writing down at least three things that you believe you are good at. They do not have to be great achievements. One could be that you are good at cooking 🙂

Another can be reading and the other public speaking. Maybe you feel that you are generous as you donate goods to charities every month. Whatever your list includes take a moment to be grateful that you can do these things. Now write down at least three things that you feel you are not good at. The first one could be that you are not as nice as you could be to people who you interact with. You may feel that you are socially awkward.

Once you have your list of negatives, rewrite each one in a positive manner as if the traits are present. You can write that you are nice to everyone who you come into contact with and are confident with speaking to others. Keep the list of now turned positives and read them each at least three times in the morning and before you sleep at night. Affirming such positives will allow these traits to become a part of you ❤

Your mind may currently be often cluttered with negative thoughts that prevent you from doing good. It is good that every person can control themselves which includes their thoughts. You can control your thoughts too. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, choose to shift it to a positive one. You may find this tricky to begin with but you will get the hang of it with time.

Daily meditation can help you find clarity with your thoughts and allow you to become calm. Practice daily meditation to rid any negative thoughts. You want your mind to be at peace no matter what situation you are in. Be kind to everyone. Smile, wave or have a nice conversation. You might just brighten up their day and they may do the same to yours. Spread kindness and love 😀

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a blissful sunny day grass art acrylic painting. It is nice to be outside on a sunny day. Sitting on the grass and watching the clouds go by is relaxing. I love hearing the birds sing and admiring the beauty of flowers ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! No matter what you go through in life keep your heart kind. You are enough and can obtain your goals. Smile and appreciate all life around you. Have a lovely day!

Capili Jiron x x


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