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Understanding what it is that you want in life is important. We all have dreams that we seek to achieve. Goals that are big and small. Scheduling tasks is what we are use to. Picking up these habits in school and work ❀

Sometimes it can feel as though life is a constant schedule which we must adhere by. Even if we do not plan anything time passes by. We are made aware of what day, date and year it currently is. Minutes go by and are quickly contributed to the past. When you look at all of the little details it can feel as though time is flying by before your eyes. Deadlines for required tasks can put pressure on you.

Schedules are helpful to have as you can have an overview of what it is that you need to do for the week. However, it can become overwhelming when you get too caught up in detailing every single task. Completing tasks leads to achieving our goals. When we write down what needs to be done with all details, including the smallest of things, it can look like a lot to complete. Instead of writing down every aspect of a task, it can be best to sum it up πŸ™‚

If you need to complete exercises for an hour every day, instead of noting down every exercise that you need to do just write down the word ‘exercise‘. If you need to clean every room of your home, instead of writing down each cleaning task, sum it up to ‘clean house‘. Having less words on your schedule can make it appear easy to read and follow. This makes it not overwhelming and keeps everything concise πŸ˜€

For some tasks you can create a generic checklist that you can refer to when completing a particular task. For your exercise checklist you can include 30 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 push ups and so on. The same goes for your clean house checklist, you can include vacuum, washing, clean bathroom and so on. Having a generic checklist for tasks where you complete the same thing every time allows you to save time by excluding task details in your schedule.

Thank you so much for reading! Think less and do more. Just go for it. A schedule that is clear is better than one that is cluttered with details. Choose to be clear with your tasks and just do them. Do not think too much about the process otherwise you will find yourself procrastinating. Believe in yourself and all that you do. Have a beautiful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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