Peaceful Waterhole Waterfall Art – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

You can find happiness everywhere you go. It is in nature, people and places. Joy is where you choose to open your eyes and focus on. We can be most happy when spending time with our loved ones, doing what we love and having fun experiences ❤

Life is made to be well lived. No it does not mean that you need to look a certain way or have lots of money. You just need to be happy with who you are and love yourself as like attracts like. When you love yourself you make room for positive opportunities to come your way. It is as if everything falls into place when you are blissful. Happiness attracting more happiness makes sense 😀

Have you ever noticed a family member, friend or stranger who was so happy in the moment that it made you smile and feel joyful. Their happiness encouraged you to interact with them in a positive light and be at peace. Sometimes situations like this happen without you realising, such as going shopping and the salesperson happens to be kind and bubbly towards you. Their magical aura is joyful and brings out your bubbly side.

Joy is beautiful and contagious. Smiles in particular are irresistible. When you smile at someone they usually smile back automatically. The same goes for when a person smiles at you. Happiness is a wonderful feeling that makes you feel as though you can achieve anything in that moment. To be happy requires action. Whether it is doing what you love or choosing to interact with other people 🙂

Action leads you to achieving your dreams. When you are making progress with your goals, you are spending time on the things that you know will lead to greatness on your life journey. It is important that you not only look forward to achieving your dreams but also have fun while on the journey. Unexpected circumstances can happen along the way, these can be both good and bad situations.

During these moments your mind needs to be able to handle anything to ensure that you do not give up on your dreams. Having a positive mindset can assist you with overcoming obstacles and allow you to learn lessons along the way. Living in the present moment and being thankful is needed to be happy with all that you do. Be thankful for everything that you have and the loved ones in your life ❤

Learn to see the good in others, as well as in yourself. There is greatness within you. Your ideas can bring a lot of joy to the world, so keep moving forward and going for your dreams. Smile wherever you go. Laugh every day. Enjoy loving company with people who you love the most. There is so much to be happy for on our lovely planet. Be the best version of yourself and choose to see joy.

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a peaceful waterhole waterfall art acrylic painting. I have been enjoying painting waterfalls a lot lately. It is lovely to see a waterfall in person. The sound of falling water is peaceful and relaxing. Waterholes are a blissful retreat for anyone. It is nice to swim in nature. I love swimming in rivers, lakes and the ocean ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Happiness is the way of life. Every person on our lovely planet deserves love and to be happy. Choose to be happy by doing what you love and letting those who you love know that you appreciate them. Keep going for your dreams. Have a happy day!

Capili Jiron x x


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