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Inner peace is a wonderful place that many seek to get to. There is something magical about being at a stage within your heart and mind where you can be one with love. Being peaceful with everything is a beautiful joy that shines bright within our lovely planet โค

You may not be able to be at this level continuously yet but you can be peaceful wherever you go as best you can. To have peace is to be loving and show acts of kindness. Love is not only a feeling that we can get when someone cares for us. It is shown through our kind intentions as well. These kind actions can be as little as a hug or as big as showing up for an important moment in a loved ones life ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace can be easily shared amongst those who we care about. Our partner, family and friends are people who we love deeply, most of them unconditionally. To be peaceful with everything, is to also have peace with those who we do not know at all. They could be people at work who we do not interact with, someone passing us by on a street or from within our neighbourhood who we have not met before. These are the people who we need to take extra care with when being peaceful.

Sometimes it can be a test from the universe when a person comes into your life and you do not know them well. Everyone who we interact with can be seen as a teacher as we can learn lessons from any situation. A person could be happy, angry or sad towards us depending on how they are feeling. In that moment, how they behave is on them. It is how we react that is on us โค

The one person who we can control is ourselves. We can choose our thoughts, emotions and other actions. If someone is unkind to us, we can decide on whether to be unkind back or show love instead. Kindness is something that you can never go wrong with, even if the other person does not except your kind actions it is best to show love. We can choose to either accept their gift of anger or let them keep it for themselves.

Thank you so much for reading! You do not have to accept any gifts of sadness, frustration or anger from anyone. If another person is pushing those emotions towards you, choose to return kindness instead of what they are sharing. Be peaceful by giving love and kindness to all who you interact with. Be love, give love and receive love. Have a joyful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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