How Music can lift Your Mood – Life 🌸 artistbybeauty

Music has the magical ability to get inside both your head and heart. In your mind it can cause you to remember particular memories or think about your current situation in life. With your heart, music can influence your emotions for the better or worse ❤

Depending on what state of mind you are already in and the type of music you choose to listen to, can cause you get lost in the moment. It could be a brief moment of happiness, sadness or anger. The harmonies of a singers voice and instruments being played each have their own way of bringing out emotions from within you. If you are smiling and feeling happy, then listen to an upbeat song. You will most likely feel happier and may dance to the beat 🙂

If you are going through a difficult time and listen to a song that has to do with struggles in life. You will most likely cry or get angry. It seems to be best to listen to songs that you know will influence your emotions in the best way for yourself. Emotions stem from thoughts. If we plant a seed of happiness from a song within ourselves, we can grow further happy thoughts that lead to behaving in ways of joy.

Yes, as human beings we can be strange. There can be moments that we want to feel our emotions and choose to listen to a sad song despite our current feelings. While it is important to not let our emotions take over ourselves, we need to have time to let out our emotions when going through a tough situation. If you have just had a fight with a loved one, it can be helpful to play a song and let your anger or sad emotions out ❤

However, once you have let them out choose to fully let the emotions go and move forward peacefully. Holding onto any pain due to conflict is not worth carrying. Even if the other person involved wants to continue fighting with you. Be strong and agree to disagree if you cannot come to an agreement. Your time and energy is best spent on your passions and living life in a way that makes you feel your best 😀

Thank you so much for reading! Embrace your emotions in the moment. It is needed that we acknowledge any pain that we may be going through and get support if we cannot overcome any despair that we fall into. Please know that you are enough and deserve to live your life with love. Love yourself and be kind always. Listen to music that lifts your mood in a positive way. Have a peaceful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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