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The thoughts and words that we speak about ourselves become what we believe. Especially if you keep thinking the same thoughts about yourself over and over again. What our minds take in and believe is what can lead to our belief about ourselves in life โค

The power of two words, “I am” is strong. These two words along with whatever follows can become true for ourselves. If you were to say to yourself, “I am a bad person”, you will keep displaying poor behaviours. It could be unintentional at first as you may be unconscious to the idea but when you repeat it and become self-aware of what you are doing, it then becomes intentional.

If you continue to think and say that you are a bad person, you will keep being this way until you decide to change your thoughts about yourself. To change, you need to think or say positive words after the, “I am”. Instead of stating that you are a bad person you can say, “I am kind”. The more that you think and say that you are kind, the sooner it can become a belief about yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

Kind behaviours will start to happen when you believe you are kind. You can practice affirmations to change any part of you. If you want to be confident you can say, “I am confident”. If you want to be able to read better say, “I am good at reading”. Of course, saying the affirmation alone will not change who you are. It has to be followed with good intentions. When you say you are confident, you can then choose to be kind to others.

Offering to hold the door open or say hello to a stranger are acts of kindness that can also improve your confidence. Kindness goes hand in hand with affirmations. Choose to spread kindness and love wherever you go. It will make you feel great and as a bonus, wonderful opportunities will come into your life. As long as your intentions are kind and genuine, the universe will send love back โค

Thank you so much for reading! Learn to be kind and love yourself. Self-love is needed for you to become the best version of yourself, as when you love yourself, you are able to fully love others. You can only give what you have. Love who you are, as you are enough. Sending you much love and hugs. Smile and know that you are wonderful. Have a great day!

Capili Jiron x x


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