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You are not moving forward unless you are making some sort of mistakes. Anything worth pursuing is hard work. With hard work comes challenges. It is during the challenges that our minds do best to overcome a situation. Sometimes we get it right, other times we make mistakes ❤

It does not feel good to make a mistake. Especially when it is one that impacts not only ourselves but also those who we care about. A mistake could be reducing your hours at work to pursue your dreams. You may have forgotten to take into account other bills. When they arrive you are unsure how you are going to pay for them. This is a situation where you can learn to make sure that you take note of every bill that is to be expected.

You can plan to save extra money on top of what you had first planned. Life keeps us on our toes by adding surprises here and there. It is good to be prepared for the unexpected as much as possible. There is a difference between a mistake and a bad decision. A mistake is unintentional. Even when forgetting to note down a bill, it can be considered a mistake as you did not intentionally leave it out of your list of bills.

A bad decision is one that is of your choice. Let’s say that you have to be at your friends birthday party at 6 pm and feel that you really need a haircut. You promised your friend that you would be there on time. You decide to get a haircut at 5.30 pm. Before you know it, it is 6 pm and you are still getting your haircut. This is a bad decision as it is your friends birthday and you should be there with them celebrating.

With either a mistake or a bad decision there are lessons that you can learn. Bills are important and something that you need to manage as best you can. If you have a friends birthday party to attend. Choose to make a haircut appointment the day before. To keep our relationships strong, we need to consider how our actions can impact our loved ones. If your decision will not hurt anyone, it is fine to go ahead with 😀

Thank you so much for reading! During the progress of obtaining your goals, you will make mistakes. There will be ones that will make you want to give up. Instead of giving up choose to learn lessons and keep moving forward. Anyone successful would not be where they are today if they chose to give up on their dreams. Smile and keep going. Have a wonderful day!

Capili Jiron x x


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