Rabbit Cheerful in Flowers Doodle Art – Drawing Daily Challenge – Day #143 Gel Pen 🌸 artistbybeauty

We all can make choices in life. Some that are good which help ourselves as well as other people. The other choices can be bad leading to disappointment, heartbreak and feeling like we are a failure. Life is not easy. Yet, we must keep moving forward ❤

It is important that we understand that we are free to make our own choices. Every person has the right to be themselves. We have to take full responsibility for all that we do. You cannot expect someone to be happy with you if you choose to make a decision and the outcome ends up hurting them. It can be helpful to think carefully before you take action with any thought.

Especially, when you know that your partner, family or friends may get hurt if you move forward with the option. We are free to make our own choices but we can also endure the consequences. This can lead to being disappointed with ourselves. To be truly free means to make our own decisions that are wise and well thought out as much as possible.

To be free is to consider if your choices will greatly impact your loved ones in a way that will change their life forever. Will it change their life for the better or worse? If it is for the better, it is fine to go ahead with your decision. However, if it is for the worse you need to stop yourself and really ask if it is worth hurting someone who you deeply care about. Picture how they would feel ❤

Love is an action. If you choose poor actions that hurt your loved ones, you are choosing to show your lack of love for them. Not only will you hurt them in the process. You will also hurt yourself. The hurt may last for a lifetime depending on when forgiveness comes into place. It is always best to avoid such pain as it is unnecessary and hurts everyone involved.

If someone hurts us in a bad way. It is best to forgive because if you choose to hold onto the pain, you will be the one who hurts the most. It is drinking poison over and over again. You cannot be yourself when you are constantly hurting. As hard as it can be you need to forgive them for yourself and let go of all of the stories and pain. The stories we tell ourselves are not worth reliving.

You are stronger than you think and can overcome anything. Love yourself enough to live your best life. Choose to keep your eyes moving forward and no longer look back. The past has happened and cannot be changed. Choose to keep moving forward. Focus on improving yourself and following your dreams. You are enough and have greatness in you 😀

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a rabbit cheerful in flowers doodle art gel pen drawing. This rabbit is super adorable with their paws up. Rabbits are too cute. We are now up to day 143 of my #drawingdailychallenge. Love yourself and believe in all that you do. Free yourself of any pain and be happy ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Choose to be free. Have fun in life. Enjoy your passions and spending quality time with your loved ones. Keep your heart kind and keep going for your dreams. Have a lovely day!

Capili Jiron x x


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