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Our thoughts are powerful. The mind is where we truly live 24/7. You take your thoughts with you wherever you go. To work, classes, a friends house or to the museum. Your mind is constantly producing thoughts ❤

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Thoughts can be either positive or negative. It depends how you interpret them and what you decide to take action with after thinking the thought. Picture that you missed the bus to work, then had a thought that you should of woken up earlier so you could get to work on time. This thought is something which you can expand on by thinking that you are either lazy or can improve by choosing to wake up earlier 🙂

You always have a choice in any matter with how your thoughts go. Even when you are feeling angry and frustrated, you have the option to get angrier or take a deep breath and look for a solution. If you keep thinking negative thoughts, what starts off as a small matter can snowball into a large challenge. Why not just breath and take a moment to think about a solution?

Post Aug 12 2020 Pic 11 - Chibi holding strawberry pencil drawing

We each have this wonderful ability to shift our negative thoughts to positive ones. If you fall over when walking and hurt yourself, instead of choosing to be upset, you can be thankful that you can walk. You can learn a lesson from the incident which can be that you need to relax or sleep more to concentrate better.

Everything happens for a reason. We overcome challenges to learn and grow. This also helps us appreciate the good times that we have. It takes time to get better at controlling your thoughts, like anything that you want to be good at takes practice. Do not be hard on yourself when you give in to a negative thought. Instead, as soon as you are aware think of something positive 😀

Thank you so much for reading! Spend time alone to relax your mind and better understand your thoughts. Practising daily meditation can help you find clarity. Be kind to others, as well as yourself. Cheer yourself on to keep learning and growing into the best version of yourself. You are amazing. Have a peaceful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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