Magical Volcano Island – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

Sometimes you can feel that it is wrong to be proud of your achievements. Especially, when those you care about the most, believe that you should not be showing what you have done in life. There is a difference between being a show off and being proud of yourself ❤

Post Aug 3 2020 Pic 13 - Magical volcano island painting

To show off can mean that you believe you are better than others. That you do not consider anyone’s feelings, only yours matter. When you show off your accomplishments it is usually uncalled for, yet expected by others. As you would be known for being that type of person. It is sad when people seek this type of validation, having to show off and expect a reaction of awe.

There is no need to show off as it is best to be proud of yourself and let your achievements speak for themselves. If you have completed a course, you do not have to post it online for the world to see. You can instead mention to your loved ones and let them know that you are proud of yourself ❤

Post May 18 2020 Pic 9 - Final

I am sure they will be proud of you too. It seems in current times of social media that some people feel the need to post about every achievement that they accomplish. Yes, it is wonderful and great when you achieve many things but there is no need to share every single achievement. Be proud of what you have achieved and celebrate the big victories with your loved ones.

It is good to post about achievements where you have achieved something dear to you that you believe will inspire others. So if you climbed a tall mountain and reached the top, that would be inspiring for many as it is an extreme challenge. Of course, opinions are going to vary as to what is inspiring to some and not to others 😀

Post Aug 3 2020 Pic 11 - Magical volcano island painting

If you have any amount of followers on social media, it is best to be yourself and find joy in all that you do. Spread kindness and love to those who follow you. Consider what others will think about when they read your post. Is your message positive or negative? Find a happy balance and have good intentions. When you put good out into the universe, more good things will appear in your life.

If you do not have a supportive network. Make friends with people online who share similar passions to you. Do not let anyone put you down or say that your achievements are not worth being proud of. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to achieve any goal. No matter how big or small your goal is, be proud of obtaining it. Just do not feel the need to seek approval from others that your achievements are worth it ❤

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a magical volcano island acrylic painting. Tropical islands are truly magical. There is a lot of beauty in the flowers, trees and the ocean. Volcanoes are magnificent. I love travelling and seeing the different nature on our lovely planet. The world is amazing ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Be proud of yourself and keep going for your dreams. Never give up on doing what you love in life. Learn to be happy by setting goals and sticking to them. You can achieve anything that you want in life. Have a magical day!


Capili Jiron x x


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