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Have you ever noticed that when you have good intentions, good things happen for you. If you think positive thoughts, that better things are coming for you, it then happens. It is amazing how your intentions can create your reality ❤

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Your thoughts are powerful. Whether they are negative or positive, each thought will have an impact on you and start to shape the world around you. If you feel scared to walk at night, you will be paranoid thinking that something bad may happen to you if you get home late. If you feel happy and excited to go to a friends birthday party, you will have an amazing time 😀

Our thoughts can trick us. You may love going skydiving but if you were to read a bunch of articles on how skydiving can go wrong, it may be off putting for you. The same goes with travelling. If you were to search online for holidays that have gone wrong, it may make you not want to travel. Can you see how your intentions can create your reality?

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What you seek, is what you will find. From my own experience, I feel that when I am feeling happy and have positive thoughts, wonderful opportunities come into my life. In the times where I have negative thoughts and feel like things are going wrong, the negatively snowballs. During rough patches, I do my best to snap myself back to positive thoughts 🙂

It can be dangerous to get caught up in negativity. Especially, since we are with ourselves 24/7, the negative thoughts can add up and spiral into despair if we are not careful. Having a gratitude journal and writing in it daily can help you stay positive. I like to write in mine as soon as I wake up. I write down at least ten things that I am grateful for.

Thank you so much for reading! Learn to understand that your thoughts are powerful. They can shape your reality and if they are negative, they may get in the way of your dreams. Do not let any bad thoughts slow you down, instead think positive thoughts and keep going for your dreams. You are strong and can overcome any obstacles. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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