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A smile is powerful and kind. You never know who’s day you may brighten up by simply smiling at them. If your smile can make someone else feel better, why can it not do the same for you? The kindness in which you project onto others is from your heart ❤

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We treat others the way that we treat ourselves. Well, most of the time. You may be nicer to other people than you are to yourself. That is understandable, as you do live with yourself 24/7. Any person that you live with, is bound to drive you crazy at some point haha. So why would we be any different? Just like we love our loved ones, we need to show love to ourselves 🙂

To love yourself means to make yourself a priority and choose to improve your wellbeing. You can write down goals to eat healthy foods often, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and spend time doing the things that you love. When we spend quality time with ourselves, it helps us develop self-love and confidence. It is good to be kind to yourself.

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Taking care of yourself will lead to you being able to better care for others. We can only treat others as best as we can treat ourselves. When we are loving and kind to ourselves, we will be the same towards others. It is like when you are happy, you are cheerful around other people. If you are grumpy, you will be angry around others. Self-love can also lead to believing in yourself 😀

Having the ability to believe in yourself will open up many wonderful opportunities. You will see the good in every person and situation. During the difficult times you will be able to keep smiling as you know that the pain will pass and that you can overcome any obstacle. Time is always moving forward, so we may as well keep moving forward with it. You are stronger than you think, believe in yourself.

Thank you so much for reading! Love yourself and life. Keep smiling no matter what. You are destined for greatness and will achieve your dreams. Keep your mind positive and beautiful opportunities will continue to flow into your lovely life. Be thankful every day. Your heart is filled with kindness, so be kind to yourself. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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