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There is a reason behind every experience. A situation can be the result of our own actions leading up to it or it may have been caused by someone else. Either way, an experience can teach us lessons, whether it was good or bad. There is always something that we can learn ❤

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Everything happens for a reason. If you choose to sleep in, you cannot be upset that you are late for work. If you put in beyond the hours needed to study, you are more likely to pass your exams. Like attracts like, so the Law of Attraction is constantly working and reflecting what we are putting out into the universe. What you give, is what you attract more of.

It can be hard to believe that we are in control of our problems. Especially, when we know that a problem was started by someone else, yet we need to take responsibility otherwise we are just giving our power away. You need to understand that you are in control of yourself. Of course, you cannot control the actions of others but you can control your reaction ❤

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The way that you react to a situation is telling. If a friend borrowed your car and had an accident. Would you be more concerned about your friend or the car? Hopefully, you would be concerned about your friend and first make sure that they are not hurt. Cars are replaceable. Loved ones are not. In this particular situation, you would have to see that you are involved, as it is your car.

Surely, the car is maintained well, so the accident would have possibly been caused by your friend or another person involved. At the end of the day, as long as your friend is not hurt, it is fine. What you can learn from the incident is that life is precious. It can be taken within the blink of an eye. Treasure life, yourself and your loved ones. Also you may want to consider car insurance and understanding the policy haha (it is surprising how many do not read them) ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you can see the importance of viewing every experience that you go through as an opportunity to learn. Life is a constant journey of learning and growing. The gift of each experience is that you learn if you choose to. Never give up on your goals and dreams. Share your wonderful gifts with the world. You can share your own experiences with others who are going through similar things and help them. Spread kindness and love wherever you go. Have a good day!


Capili Jiron x x


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