Philosopher – Rose Gold 36mm Mesh Watch w/ Nordgreen – Review 🌸 artistbybeauty

Time is something that we must cherish. Every passing moment with our loved ones is precious. It is a wonderful gift to be alive and have the opportunity to be ourselves. To make the most of our time on our lovely planet it can be helpful to have a schedule and keep track of time ❤

I am thankful and excited to share with you this stunning watch that Nordgreen kindly sent to me #gifted #sponsored #collaboration ❤ It is from their women’s Philosopher collection. In case you have not heard about Nordgreen before, they are a wonderful watch company who take pride and care in all that they do. You can see how passionate they are about their designs, as their works are pieces of art and speak for themselves 🙂

Not only does Nordgreen want you to enjoy the design of their watches, they want you to feel good when wearing them. This is a beautiful message, especially since when you purchase a product from Nordgreen, you are contributing to helping people who need access to clean water, education and a clean environment as they are partnered with three global NGOs. NGOs help improve the environment of many countries in need around the world.

You can read more about their story here. I love what Nordgreen stands for with their values and caring about our world by using sustainable packaging. It is important for each of us to care for one another and mother nature. After all, we each live here and do make a difference. Never underestimate the power of kindness. Just a smile from yourself can make another persons day brighter.

When I first opened the outside packaging, I was impressed with the blue Nordgreen watch box as it was fitted in securely. There was about half a centimetre of ease between the cardboard shipping package and the blue box that was packed inside of it. This is what I love to see, as it is not good for the environment when small products are packed into large packaging. Thank you for caring deeply about the environment Nordgreen by saving trees. You are awesome! 😀

Post Jul 9 2020 Pic 27 - Final

The blue Nordgreen watch box is elegant and slides out easily. The packaging is beautiful and compliments the stunning watch nicely. When seeing the Philosopher – Rose Gold 36mm mesh watch for the first time it was love at first sight. The glisten shine of the rose gold mesh strap instantly caught my eyes ❤

I picked it up and found the watch easy to put on. The strap is not flimsy or hard to put on at all, which is an important detail that I look for in a watch. Travelling is a huge passion of mine. The style of the Philosopher reminds me of a compass. It is timeless and inspires me to travel more. You can choose to have the case width as either 36mm or 40mm. This watch is so pretty and would make for a lovely gift for a loved one.

Post Jul 9 2020 Pic 12 - Final

Not only can you choose the width size of the case. You can also select from a wonderful range of looks to make your watch suit you best, by choosing from different strap types and case colours. I prefer having my case and strap match in colour but if you wanted to, you could mix and match. A silver case with a vegan brown leather strap may suit you best (yay for options for everyone) ❤

I love the stainless steel material, it is strong and light in weight. Take a look at the Philosopher – Rose Gold 36mm mesh watch that I received here. You can play around with the look of the watch and read further details. You will find the Nordgreen website to be refreshing to view. I find it relaxing looking through each of the pages. The designs are just so beautiful!

Post Jul 9 2020 Pic 20 - Final

Thank you so much for reading! I am happy with my Philosopher watch. It is gorgeous, light in weight and feels good against my wrist. Comfort is another important detail for me with anything that I wear. Please visit Nordgreen and take a look at their stunning designs. I am sure you will love them too. Spend time with your loved ones and take care of yourself. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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