Blissful Windy Trees – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

Your passions are what can give you a sense of purpose. It is fulfilling to be able to make time for the things that you love to do the most. Our lovely planet needs more kindness to come from each of us. Do not be afraid to open your heart and add to the joy in our beautiful world ❤

Post Jul 10 2020 Pic 13 - Final

Do you notice how good you feel when you are doing your favourite activity? Playing sports, painting, cooking, running, gaming… whatever it may be, it is always fun and inspiring to enjoy your passions. There is a connection with doing something that you enjoy and happiness. As we find it fun, we become happier. It can be extra fun when you share the same passion with a loved one 🙂

Hiking can be best when you are with good company or you may prefer to be alone on your long walks. I enjoy having conversations with my loved ones, so when going for a walk, I enjoy it more when I am with someone dear to me. Having Lamington (my cheeky toy poodle furbaby) with me each time on walks makes for joyful company.

Post May 6 2020 Pic 9 - Final

Whatever your days look like, it is a good idea to make time for your passions because when we spend time on the things that we love, we become happier. Being happy leads to kindness, as feeling good uplifts peoples mood, encouraging them to be nicer. When you feel wonderful about yourself, have you noticed that you are kinder to yourself? This is great as being kind to yourself can reflect on how you treat those who you interact with ❤

A kind heart is a happy heart. Find joy in the little things. Your favourite snack, going for a walk, visiting a friend or writing in your journal. There are many wonderful little things that can we experience daily. Being thankful is important to attract more good into your life. Acts of kindness from our loved ones, as well as strangers can spark joy in our heart. It is lovely when another person says hello or smiles at you 😀

Post Jul 10 2020 Pic 11 - Final

Enjoy all that you want in life. You are the only person who can limit yourself. If you want to learn how to surf, you can. If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, you can, If you have wanted to cosplay your favourite character for the longest time, you still can! There is no point in worrying about what other people think. Yes, it can be difficult to block out their thoughts but it is a must.

Just think to yourself that what other people say that you cannot do, is their own limitations. Their own beliefs about themselves is what they are trying to project on you. Enjoy your life while you are alive. If you want to go back to study, change careers or write a book, go for it now. You can do it, you just need to believe in yourself 🙂

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a blissful windy trees acrylic painting. Trees are so elegant and look beautiful even on windy days. I love being out in nature, seeing the birds, flowers and trees. Whenever you get the chance, do an online search about native trees and plants where you live. It is fascinating learning about nature ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Keep going with your goals and dreams. Each day that you work on your goals will bring you closer to your success. Spread love and kindness. Have a happy day!


Capili Jiron x x


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