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The joys of life are pleasant experiences. Travelling to a tropical island for a holiday, taking up classes to learn how to bake or buying yourself a lovely gift for all of the hard work you have done, are each wonderful ways to enjoy life. The good times are what we treasure the most ❤

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Life can be complicated. It is usually when there is conflict, lack of knowledge or unexpected circumstances that spiral out of control. Complicated situations can be bad to have to go through on our own, which is why it can be helpful to have someone that you are close to help you get through the tough times. They do not have to fix the problem for you.

Having them present to listen to you talk out your problems can be greatly appreciated. Sometimes when we have someone listen to us talk about our difficult situation, it can help us recognise a solution faster, than if we were to work it out on our own. A partner, family or friends can each be great to help you. The wonderful thing is that you can also listen to them talk about their problems ❤

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Of course, it is not pleasant listening to a loved one complain, cry or get frustrated with what is currently happening to them. Yet, it is important to show your concern and help them get through their tough time, as best you can. As with anything there comes a point where you need to limit yourself. If their problems are becoming your own or vice versa, you may have to let them go. At least for a short period of time.

There is no point taking on another persons problems and making them your own, as you will more than likely not be able to deal with them. Just like they may not be able to handle yours. If they are trying to force you to do what they say to fix your problems and you know their advice will not work, you do not have to follow through with that advice. Hold your ground and let them go 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Toxic relationships are a waste of your energy and can cause harm to your wellbeing. If the person who is being toxic refuses to change, you need to let them go. Whether they are your partner, family or friends. There is no point feeling like you are carrying a ton of bricks everywhere you go. Love yourself enough to know you deserve to live your best, positive and peaceful life. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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