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Life is a journey. One that can seem long while moving forward, yet is short when looking back. Throughout life we make wonderful relationships with family, friends and having a partner. In the moments where we feel loved it can feel as if life is perfect ❤

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Perfection is something that we can associate with happiness. We feel like if things are going perfectly that we are happy. There is a warm feeling of joy within our hearts. We know that perfection does not exist yet we embrace at times that life is perfect. It is when someone that we care about hurts us, that can send us spiralling into despair.

Having your heart broken does not have to be caused from an intimate relationship. Family and friends can break your heart too. Any heartbreak is painful. Whether a sibling lies to you about something important or a friend chooses to make poor choices that you cannot help them stop. It is sad seeing those who you love a lot make bad decisions that not only hurt themselves but also everyone around them.

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Having a partner betray you can be most devastating. If your partner betrays you, it can feel as though they have ripped out your heart and then stomped all over it. I have seen many people be betrayed by their boyfriend or girlfriend. Sadly you can only do so much to comfort them as it is something they can only understand and overcome ❤

If you are currently going through heartbreak due to a loved ones poor choices, know that it was not your fault. They are the one who chose to do it and only have themselves to blame. Learn to focus on yourself. Eat healthy, exercise and do what you love the most to keep your mind focused on yourself instead of them 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Have courage to try something new each day. Treat yourself to some yummy food and nice things. Ensure that you give yourself compliments. Know that you are stronger than you think, beautiful and smart. Keep going for your dreams and live for you. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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