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There is great joy in doing things for others. Not only for our loved ones but also for those who we interact with. It can really make someones day when a person smiles at them or offers to help. Doing good in the world, spreads a positive message of caring, hope and love ❤

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People in general need to be noticed. The acknowledgement of a persons existence is important. You may feel like you do not need anyone to say that you look nice or express that they recognise you are good at something but if you did not have anyone to talk to at all, you would miss the interaction and compliments. Hearing positive opinions about you from someone else is nice. We are social beings that need contact with one another on a regular basis 🙂

It is why you find yourself searching for answers to your questions online. You may say that you do not care what other peoples opinions are, yet we each turn to those who we are close to or otherwise people we do not know on the internet. The advice from others can be helpful, even if it is not correct, it can feel good knowing that someone else is going through a similar situation to you or is at least discussing a topic that you are interested in ❤

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People like to seek. Whether it is looking for a relationship, friendship, particular information or are curious about the world. We each have many questions and not enough answers. Since we have a lot of questions, we know that others have them too and at times can offer our help. Giving your time to others to assist them out, is a beautiful act of kindness.

Sadly there are people on our lovely planet who are lonely and do not have anyone close to them. They may be living away from home due to study, have moved to a different country for better opportunities and not know anyone or are a person who struggles with social interactions. Every person is unique and has different ways in which they best communicate ❤

Thank you so much for reading! You can help another person by simply smiling and saying hello. The smallest of conversations can do a lot of good for anyone. The internet is a lovely place to be able to make friends with like minded people. It is wonderful knowing that you can talk to others who have the same interests as you. We need to appreciate one another and know that we all have gifts to offer the world. Spread kindness and love wherever you go. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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