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A smile is beautiful. It is warm, welcoming and invites you to interact with another being. Just like smiles can fill your heart with joy, so can laughter. When you see children, they laugh often, especially when playing with their friends. They seem to be happy most of the time 🙂

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You were a child at some point. Can you remember the amount of times you would laugh? Sometimes it would be at the silliest things. Other times, you found yourself laughing over nothing. The laughter of children is beautiful, so much positivity is within their voices. As the years go on and the responsibilities pile up, some tend to lose that once heartfelt joy within their laughter ❤

It is not that they are bitter. Well, maybe a little… or yes, I guess they are but it is all due to the different experiences they have had over the years. No, these experiences are not an excuse for them to display mean actions towards others. We are looking into this just to see how a once happy child could grow into an adult who hardly laughs.

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Hopefully, you have managed to keep yourself happy for most of your years so far on our lovely planet. For myself, I laugh every hour of the day. Does that mean I am crazy? Hopefully not, lol. I have been lucky to maintain the loving joyful side of my heart, even through some heartbreaking events in my life. As difficult as it may be for some people to accept, happiness means laughter and it is a choice.

You can either choose to become a better person or not do anything at all. Since happiness comes as a result of taking action, you need to push yourself to write out some goals and work hard to achieve them. Adults have many responsibilities and can have others who are dependent on them. Yes, they will meet the goals of their work, dependents and loved ones but do they set personal goals for themselves? ❤

Thank you so much for reading! Ensure that you find something to laugh about every day. Even when you are feeling down, do your best to make yourself laugh. You can also help cheer up your loved ones by saying something that will make them smile and laugh. Life is not easy but it is worth living, having goals and seeing your progress is fulfilling. Keep smiling and bring joy to others. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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