Enchanted Mushroom Forrest – Pastel Fauvism Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

Inspiration can come in many forms. People, places and things can each inspire us. Sometimes you will be inspired and not exactly sure why you are. For the most part it is our surroundings that can inspire us a lot ❤

Post May 31 2020 Pic 13 - Final

It is important to surround yourself with people who have goals and dreams. More importantly those who have a positive outlook on life. They say that the closest five people you hang around with are who can influence you easily. These people are a reflection of yourself.

Which is why we need to be careful with who we spend most of our time with. If you are hanging out with people who have no idea what they want to do with their life and have poor behaviours. Their attitude and behaviours will eventually rub off on you ❤

Post Apr 16 2020 Pic 9 - Final

As human beings we have a need to connect with others, so avoiding all people will do you no good. It can be best to let your existing friends and family know if they do not have a positive mindset or are impacting you in a negative way. You can give them suggestions as to how they can better themselves.

If they choose to accept your advice and change, that is wonderful as it will help both of your lives. You will be able to learn and grow together. If they refuse, you may have to spend less time with them so that you can fully focus on bettering yourself on your journey to success. It is not easy to do this but we need to do what is best for ourselves 🙂

Post May 31 2020 Pic 11 - Final

Ensure that you love yourself and take care of your home. The environment you live in can have a big impact with how productive you are. Keep your home nice and tidy. Be open to continuously learning new things each day. Never stop going for your goals and dreams. You are amazing! 😀

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you an enchanted mushroom forrest acrylic painting. I have been obsessed with creating art containing mushrooms lately. I love drawing and painting mushrooms very much. Nature is so beautiful and magical. I enjoy creating this type of fantasy art. ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Do what is best for you in life. Be kind and spread love to all. Ensure that your heart stays passionate about what you want to achieve in life. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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