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Hope is a part of each of us. We are hopeful when things are going well. We are hopeful when times are tough. Whether we are experiencing good or bad moments in our life, there is always hope that things will get better. A life that is full of happiness is what most can wish for ❤

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Even when we feel like all hope has left us and that we cannot go on, hope still remains inside our heart. We can say that we want good things to happen to us, as we can also say at times that we would like bad things to happen to us (although we do not truly mean it). Whatever the situation may be, we are hopeful that things will change. Hope is what keeps us going with each day that we take into the future.

No matter what anyone says, it is good to be optimistic. Keeping the feeling alive that good things are coming and even if you go through the worse of times, that you know it will pass. It can be about riding out the waves, knowing that the sea can be rough but it will smooth out as you get closer to the shore. Sometimes you just need to hang on tight and do your best to not let go.

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Holding on tightly to your values, beliefs and way of life is important to always remember who you are. These can each be reminders that you have a purpose in life and your existence is needed. There are people who need you. Your partner, family, friends, coworkers and also your pets. Even if you do not have anyone who is close to you in your life, you still have more years to live as best you can ❤

Staying hopeful will lead you to your best life. A life that will include future loved ones, if you do not have them already. Hope can help you see the best in all circumstances and make you hopeful that wonderful opportunities will come your way. Talking to yourself can help. Saying positive words and quotes can keep your mindset strong.

Thank you so much for reading! Please know that you are stronger than you think and can achieve anything that you desire in life. Love yourself as best you can. Keep going for your dreams and know that you will get there. All you need to do is consistently keep putting in the effort. Stay hopeful that wonderful times are ahead and that things always get better. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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