When should You Quit Your Goals and Dreams? – Life 🌸 artistbybeauty

Passions are what motivate us in life. Keeping us determined and focused to achieve our goals but is that enough? It can be hard to keep going, especially if you have been working at your goals for months or years. Is there a right time to quit or do we keep going until we make it?

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These questions are the ones that we naturally want to avoid, yet they pop up every now and then. When you are working so hard towards your dreams, it is in the moments of wanting to give up that you can start to question if what you are doing is worth all the trouble ❤

Of course we are optimistic and hope for the best. If we did not, we would have not chosen to chase our dreams in the first place. No one said we would be guaranteed to obtain our goals, as did no one say it would be easy getting there. It is a lot of hard work, although fun, you do put in so much energy and love into your work.

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With each creation a part of yourself is put into that piece. It is fun coming up with the idea, hard work putting it together and an amazing feeling when it is complete. Doing the work is both fun and can be difficult, it is the overall goal that takes time and consistency to obtain 🙂

Your goal may be to reach a certain amount of people, make a living from your passion or to travel while working. There are many wonderful goals that take much discipline and patience. Whatever your dream is, keep going at it no matter what. Well almost no matter what… ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I feel that the only time you should quit your dreams (after having a big discussion and comprising with those you love) is if it is hurting yourself or those that you care about. So if you are not hurting anyone. I say keep picking yourself up through the hard times and never give up! You are amazing and can do anything. Love yourself and life. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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