Graceful Mochi Frog – Drawing Daily Challenge – Day #45 Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

Peace and clarity is within each of us. We have the will to choose how we act towards others and the world. Choices that can either be good or bad. When you are making a decision, you are not only impacting your own life but also those close to you. Some of those choices will also have an effect on our lovely planet ❤

Post May 12 2020 Pic 5 - Final

At times it may be difficult to figure out what the best decision is for all of those around you, as sometimes the choice comes down to being only better for yourself. Choosing the best option for yourself does not always mean that you are being selfish. If you saved up money to buy a laptop for yourself, yet your partner asks if you can put the money towards a new computer, you can say no and get the laptop 🙂

If you chose to move overseas for better opportunities but your parents and siblings were not for it, it is fine to go as it is something you want to do and help better your way of life. Yes, your family may make you feel bad for your decision. However, it would be worse if you had never tried and always wondered what it would have been like to live overseas.

Post May 12 2020 Pic 9 - Final

Missed opportunities lead to regrets. You do not want to pass up an amazing opportunity just because you are considering what is best for everyone else around you. At times you need to put yourself first. I say at times, as you cannot put yourself first every time, especially if you have a partner or people who live with you and depend on you. There are moments where comprises have to be made and options need to be discussed.

Making decisions is something that we each get better at with time. As with every right and wrong decision that we make, we take away a message from. You know how to tell the difference between right and wrong, which means that most times you know what is going to be the right choice. Deciding to go with the right choice every time will help you become a better person 😀

Post May 12 2020 Pic 1 - Final

Being a better person means to put good out into the world. Contribute to society, be friendly, have good intentions towards others and the planet, and committing to bettering yourself to help our world. We only have one world together, so we need to do the very best that we can to keep it safe and well taken care of. Wonderful traits of being a better person include choosing to let go of anger, continuously learning to better your knowledge and offering to help others.

Everyone has moments of letting their emotions get to them. We need to do our best to ensure that anger does not take over us. It is fine to be angry for a moment. As long as you are not hurting anyone in the moment, just briefly feel the emotion and then take some deep breaths. Although it can be hard at times, please remember that you are in control of how you react to situations ❤

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a coloured pencil drawing of a graceful mochi frog. This frog is so cheeky looking and adorable. Frogs make the cutest sounds. If you have not yet, have mochi some time as it is delicious. It is now day 45 of my #drawingdailychallenge. Mochi is a lovely dessert that comes in the cutest range of colours. I am enjoying drawing these mochi animals and will draw more of them (see mochi mouse post here) ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Keep spreading kindness and love everywhere. We need to take care of others, as well as ourselves. Be happy with all that you have and appreciate life. We only have one world, so let’s all take good care of it. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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