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There are ups and downs throughout life. Some of the ups are higher than other ups, as with some of the downs being lower than the other downs. We do not know when the best of things in life will happen to us. At times, there are clues here and there but for the most part, they happen all of a sudden and catch us by surprise 🙂

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It is the good news that we enjoy being surprised with. A job offer, unexpected money, an invitation to a family members wedding or a surprise visit from a loved one. These are each wonderful surprises and there are many more that can come our way. The highs in life are during times of happiness, this can often be found when people achieve a goal, that they set out to complete within a given time frame.

The key to happiness is to keep moving forward and do what you love. When we achieve our goals, that are to completing with our passions, it completes us. Filling our hearts with joy and a sense of accomplishment. It makes us happy. This is why it is important to have goals in life, even if they are small ones, they still count. We each need to keep ourselves motivated in order to reach our dreams ❤

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We cannot predict the unknown, so it can be frustrating or even heartbreaking when something does go wrong. Especially when the outcome is terrible. The loss of a loved one, losing our job or being betrayed by someone that we care about, are each devastating. When circumstances like these arise, we need to accept what has happened, let our emotions out and then find a way to move forward.

Our life does not go on hold due to unexpected circumstances. We need to keep having a positive mindset and find solutions, as we deserve to live our best life. You are stronger than you think and can overcome any challenges that come your way. When you keep your mind strong and positive, you will attract good things. This will open up endless wonderful opportunities. Ask with a happy heart and you will receive whatever it is that you desire from the universe 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! I do believe in the power of positivity and in the universe. When I am feeling my best and I am happy, the most wonderful things happen. If I feel tired and overworked, then get frustrated, that is when things can take an opposite turn. Do your best to bring yourself back to good thoughts, in times of annoyance and confusion. Good energy flows through each of us. Anything is possible. What you believe to be true, will be true. Think positive thoughts and create your future through visualisation. Have a blissful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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