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What do you do once you achieve a big goal? Do you move on to the next one on your list? Maybe you do not have a next goal in mind, causing you to ponder about what to do next? Obtaining something that you have wanted for a long time is both exciting and thrilling ❤

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The excitement is great. It is the happy feeling bouncing about inside of you, embracing the current situation. Whereas the thrilling feeling is you saying to yourself, “I cannot believe I did it, finally! Oh no, what will I do next?”. The thrill feels good but makes you scared of the unknown. It wonders if it is possible to achieve such success again.

The good news is that with the more goals you achieve, the easier it gets to believe in yourself. This makes the belief get stronger each time you succeed. That you can achieve anything you want in life. When we first achieve goals it is both exciting and scary. That feeling of joy coming to a realisation, that you can reach a goal but then a touch of doubt comes in saying it was just a fluke or good timing. Doubt can make you feel like it will probably not happen again ❤

Can you see how we are our own biggest critic. The harshest judgement comes from ourselves, as we want to do the best at what we love. However, saying hurtful words to ourselves, is not the way to achieving our goals. We need to take a step back, congratulate ourselves for achieving something great and give words of encouragement that we will be able to achieve more and more as time goes on. We are the ones who choose the steps we take to success 😀

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We may not be able to control every single thing that happens to us but we can always choose how we react to certain circumstances. You are stronger than you think. I say this because you have a mind, a heart and the ability to gain knowledge. No matter what situation you are in, please believe in yourself and constantly learn new things to gain further skills 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! The more you learn, the more your eyes will widen. Your path in life will become clearer and you will achieve goal after goal. Be kind to one another. Be happy for others success as them achieving a goal, means it is obtainable, so you can too. You are the only one who can stop yourself. Get rid of the doubt and grow into the best version of yourself, one day at a time. Sending you lots of positive vibes and love. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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